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Monday, August 31, 2009

London Town

Craziest day ever yesterday.
So woke up in NY, fell asleep in London, played in Iceland all day.

We woke up yesterday, got ready, then went into the city to walk around Central Park and The Met. Twas lovely, we found the Alice in Wonderland statue, which is a movie I'm really excited about, by the way. :)
Then we went to SEA in Williamsburg Brooklyn, the birthplace of the hipster (hold up) and where the opening scene in Garden State was filmed. It was awesome, met up with Brittany and had a lovely time with Philip, James' friend, as well.
After taking a rushed taxi to the airport we got to our flight in time. Took the redeye to Iceland, where I woke up to our plane flying into the sunrise over Iceland. James and I listened to Sigur Ros on the way down, and I'm not scared to admit that I did get a little teary eyed at the sheer majesty of the moment.
Twas epic.

Then we went into Reykjavik (Cooper it is pronounced "Wreck-havoc" lol) and took another bus to our horse riding stable where we took a two hour horseride through the lava fields.


Then we got on a plane to London, and after a frustrating at first but lovely later Underground experience, we found ourself at the Grange Strathmore Hotel in Central London, which yes, was booked last minute, and yes was more than we can afford and yes, was the biggest blessing ever. Random circumstance and my smile ended us getting upgraded for free to a sweet three bed suite overlooking the English street. Pictures to come of this. It was luxurious and insane.

I woke up and had the sweetest quiet time wiht Jesus overlooking the street through our open window. Life is so beautiful.

Then we went down to free continental breakfast at the hotel, which WAS INCREDIBLE. All my etiquette skills were puplled out because the breakfast was legit with lovely croissants, fruit, meats, cheese, muesli and cereals, orange juice, toast, jam, and of course the most loveliest cup of English tea (of which I had three cups and now feel a bit sick and jittery). There's a hostel down the street that we will probably move to today. We're sitting in the lobby after just checking out and using some free wifi to plan our day.

I'm thinking read some Austen in Hyde Park. Mmm yes.

Love you friends, miss you dearly. I'll update more later!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New York, New York

We've had the best time here in New York.
Day 1 was deemed travel day. We are totally euro-ready, after hauling our luggage through three boroughs for five hours after our plane landed. We went by bus from LGA in Queens to SOHO in the city where we had to pick up the keys for our apt in Brooklyn.
It was a very long day, but we made fun of it. We tripled how long we need to walk in Brooklyn by going north instead of south when we got off the Subway. But we found a great little park that we just took a breather in. Then we just CRASHED and tried to watch movie (Meet Joe Black...I fell asleep much to James' disappointment) while eating Chinese take out. So great. Lol.

Day 2 was AWESOME. This we call walking day. Went into the city and while James was getting his passport I walked about Greenwich village. I found this CUTE little Tea Spot called The Tea Spot and too many pricey vintage shops. Then we met up in Union Square and got an awesome falafel while eating on the lawn, where we met up with BRITTANY LOGAN! So wonderful!
She's house sitting in Brooklyn in a section called Carroll Gardens which is pretty much next door to Cobble Hill, where I grew up.

OH IT WAS SO SURREAL that I got to take Brittany and James to my old hometown, the pizza shop I so loved (My Little Pizzaria, where we got icees) and see my apartment, my backyard that consumed countless summers and winters and then we got to climb to the roof and see MY SKYLINE that I grew up with. It was so beautiful, and to be honest, I had Madonna's "This Used To Be My Playground..." running in my head, which is like so cheesy, but that's me, so there you go.
Being there and showing them my elementary school and where I lived was so sweet, to kinda realize that I was back where I began in a way.
It made me miss my mom a lot.

On the walk to the apartment that Brit's sitting, my camera slipped. It was terrifying. Alas, it's fixed now! It was a little dramatic there for a moment though.
Then we went into the city and went to Union Square where we saw a Human Punching Bag (yes someone accepting money to have people punch him, someone did, it was crazy) and then we went to the East Village to a coffee shop and yogurt place.
It was lovely, and after a long walk back to Union Square we parted ways.

Yesterday James and I slept in. Lol. We got a really late start, but went to Union Square, got my camera fixed, and then went to MOMA. We were going to hit up the Whitney as well, because it was free (YES!) but we just loved the MOMA so much we didn't have time. STARRY NIGHT was in the MOMA, Andy Warhol, Mondrian, Pollock, Cezanne...oooh I was giddy the whole time and yeah, I did cry when I saw a ROTHKO. I'm gonna be bawling through Europe, I know it.
It was just outrageous and incredible to sit in front of these pieces and think of how they have changed entire societies, the world, the way people think and feel and emote...oh New York. New York New York.
Then James and I got a really nice dinner in Times Square at Junior's! It was so lovely, and he convinced me that lactose intolerance was worth it to experience the cheesecake. I wasn't hard to convince, it was totally worth it.
We went back to Williamsurg in Brooklyn, an uber hipster (birthplace of the hipster, what up) village where we went to a Michael Jackson sing along dance party with Brittany and some of her friends.

Today we are planning on going to Central Park for a bit, Little Italy, and perhaps a visit to the WTC...kayaking or canoeing if we can. We are wanting to get time with Brittany and James' friend Philip who works with charity:water. I'm so excited to talk to him about it.
Then off to JFK for a redeye to Iceland, where we are going horseback riding and who knows what on our ten hour layover.
As I type, James just booked our hostel in London. So great. We'll be there for a bit next week, then off to the apt in Paris.

We keep walking the street screaming "HOW IS THIS OUR LIFE RIGHT NOW?" Ok, maybe I'm just screaming that.

Either way, it's an exciting way to live. God has been so good, and I've enjoyed sweet time with Jesus. My Nouwen book is awesome.

I miss my house. My kitchen, my Orlando. But I think I'm really just enjoying right now.

Pictures coming soon, of course.

Love love.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lover, don't go

This is a post is dedicated to my and Sarah Tilley's suitcases.

My suitcase's name is Amie, Sarah's is Amets.
Amie is about to leave Amets, only to be reunited with him in Barcelona, about 8 weeks from today.

Allow Amets to introduce himself:
"Soy  amets, soy una maleta. Tengo una amante que también es maleta. Ella está viajando por europa con otra maleta. Estoy un poco celoso. Así es la vida...."



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

get ready, get set....

I'm all packed (save my toiletries).
I have no bed anymore because my subleaser Kaitlyn moved in this weekend. She is wonderful.
My house is currently unsafe though cuz my poor roomie Kelly might have the swine flu. I'm staying with the lovely Dana Roquemore now. She's wonderful for hosting me.

Around this time tomorrow Dana and I will leave for the airport where we'll meet her family. We'll say goodbye to faces we won't see for a very long time...
Then off James and I will go.
Up, up and away...

Tomorrow my life will be very different.

Oh tomorrow...

Friday, August 21, 2009


T-minus FIVE DAYS!
Here are some things I am enjoying while preparing:

Listening to Parisian Radio Nova. Window shopping Spanish clothing. All so yummy.

Cuz i want to know what people are wearing over there (and how to fulfill my dream of being on the Sartorialist!).

Praying for the dollar to be worth more than the Euro come one week...too bold? hey, could happen.

Also, I bought this yesterday:

Sarah Tilley bought the same one for her stay in Spain. We believe they will be best friends. We're gonna make a documentary about the love they share and record the moment they reencounter each other (in Barcelona!). Names coming soon.

It's the best duffle ever; it has built in backpack straps. Baller. Today's job will be filling it.
Oy. Crazy.

Kaitlyn Suveg moves in tomorrow. I want to be packed and ready for the trip before this.

Exciting Sunday in store. Join in on what's happening:
You know you want to!

Something I'm excited about for NY:

Okay. Enough links.
I made chocochip banana bread last night. Breakfast brigade kids enjoyed some. I shall enjoy some too. Off I go...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sheena does europe! (but not yet)


One week from today I will be leaving my beautiful home in Orlando to travel on what will be perhaps the most amazing trip of my life (thus far).

Please join me in my journey and in sharing life with me as I'll try my hardest to post what my eyes will see and what my heart will learn throughout the next three months of my life.

Here's a little sneak peak of what's to come:

Get excited!!!